Second Life's "Improved" Newbie Experience

I keep trying Second Life every now and then (every now and then, being, oh, once every 6-12 months), and keep finding I'm not able to get into it for quite a few reasons. The excessively clunky interface. The fact that interaction is so stilted. How I walk like something out of Pet Sematary...

I keep wanting to like SL, because it seems that once you get past the initial clunk, there's so much fun to be had creating skins, models, textures and whatnot. But each time I try, I'm slapped in the face with a host of problems that I lack the perseverance to... persevere through.

This time seems to be no different.

Just as I was remarking that they'd certainly improved the newbie experience vastly, from the last time I signed in as a newbie.. (my email supports aliases, so I keep making newbies), this ... interesting screenie happens.

Before I'd said it, I was at least looking like a freshly dead zombie in an alien spaceship, as opposed to, a long-dead zombie in a world of flat planes.

And then of course, the moment I remarked upon this improvement - boom! That screenshot over there. Kinda figures. XD

Maybe I Should Design T-Shirts For a Living

One of the proposals for Sun's APAC user base profile updates. Yes, yes, t-shirts are nothing new. But then there's nothing new under the sun (ahem).

What I was aiming for with this, was to make it, if not brand spanking new, then at least... uniquely not-new. ;)

And so, the personalised t-shirt gift was born. Once users fully updated their profiles, they'd get to pick a shirt from one of the designs shown here, and their names would be personalised onto the shirts themselves.

Since Sun's target audience is a bit geeky, and if there's any target audience I know, it's geeks (I started poking at computers when I was 6)... I went a little bit crazy with the silliness factor of the shirts.

Sadly, there were too many logistical problems with shipping t-shirts all over APAC, so it didn't happen.

But I still love these shirts. Especially the Shakespearean sheep. One of these days, I might just make myself one of those.

(Images are stock, sourced by me.)

Save the Snowpeople Petition!

A quirkier way to present e-mail address collection requests to our client base, and hopefully get them to forward stuff along because it was cute. Plus, they'd get karma for the festive season good deed of saving the snowpeople. >.> Honest.

An accompanying 'petition wall' website was planned, with names (but no email addresses) of the kind, snowman-loving petitioners being shown.

Didn't get off the ground though. :( Was deemed too frivolous.

Illustration was done by yours truly, in Bill Watterson's style (Calvin & Hobbes author). I always did love Calvin's dysfunctional snowpeople.

Every Month's a Relevant Sentence - Sun APAC 2009 Calendar Mocks

Concept was simple - create a Sun Calendar using sentences that incorporated the months of the year - with the sentences each reflecting a part of Sun's philosophy.

The calendar was to be customisable, via sticker, as an additional yippee! I'm a unique snowflake! draw factor, once users had updated their profiles with Sun.

I wrote the Month Sentences, and picked the stock visuals to match, but in order to tie them back to Sun, each calendar month also included a quotation from Sun, which inspired the sentence in the first place. Some sentences have multiple versions, because they address different topics, and others have variant quotes, which may help to make the sentence meanings clearer.

Even though this didn't get produced due to logistical issues, it remains one of the Sun pieces I'm most proud of.

Luxury Chartered Flights Proof-of-Concept Mocks

Client was looking for an exclusive, sophisticated site design for chartered flights. These mocks are all about the elegance of simplicity - making information easy to find, while emphasizing the whole idea of flight through airy lightness.

I usually try to avoid ipsum lorem in my work, as I feel that it's much, much better if some kind of content can be provided - even if it's only dummy content that I've created from surfing the web and googling my subject. However, in this case, ipsum lorem did creep in, because I wasn't provided with the info I needed to fill in even the most basic blanks.

This is part of the work I did while at Clique Interactive. Images are stock, sourced by me.

iPhone Political Canvassing Application - Proof of Concept Mock-Ups [Part 2/3]

Unfortunately, the client was unable to visualise how the Vanilla style could be reskinned to adapt to campaigns. As a result, I did up 2 more versions, showing how different campaigns could possibly handle the reskinning.

Additionally, although I originally followed Apple's guidelines for the icons in the bottom navigation bar, it was felt that there wasn't enough 'uniqueness' to it. This Formal skin, and the visuals in the next post (Quirky skin), addressed that issue.