Moar ZBrush Fun!

I'm like a kid in a candy store with ZBrush right now! >.> Or, as an old friend says, like a Pikachu on crack.

Butbut... so many TOYS!

After sculpting the model, I started playing with polypaint, which lets you paint textures, material, and colour directly onto the 3d model.

Then I kinda got distracted by trying to render skin using skin textures, and running around the interwebz checking out lighting and stuff.

And then came render... look at all those buttons, OOH SHINY! *has a Kikigasm*

As a result, half the poor fellow's hair (well more than half, to be honest), is unpainted, since I ran off in all directions at once, poinging in glee. XD

In some ways, I think being a newbie at anything really opens up so many possibilities, because you do things in strange ways, before you realise that people don't do them that way.

Apparently, it's generally not done to render hair directly in ZBrush, without extensions or plugins of any sort... which is what I've done here.

I think the eyebrows work well, and with some work, the main hair could be decent. However, I haven't figured out how to do eyelashes and still keep my model in 3D form. Those are apparently either modelled with the snake brush tool (among others) in 2.5D, or added in post-pro in Photoshop.


...really should at least block in the rest of the hair though. XD

Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

So, a mere 4 months after buying my new PC laptop, I suddenly realise that this means I can play with zBrush!

What I really love about zBrush is how totally intuitive the sculpting process is. If you know how to sculpt in 3d (as in, with real, traditional clay, etc), you know how to sculpt in zBrush. I do understand that there's a lot of things like polygon counts and whatnots that models made in zBrush have downsides in... but I hope in my nuggetheart that this is the kind of interface that 3D programs can move towards. I have no idea if that's practical within my nugget shelflife of course, but in the meanwhile... VIRTUAL SUPER SCULPEY! WOOT!

I've also learned that the top part of the sphere should not form the front of your 'face'. -_- It only took me 4 hours to figure out how to patch the hole in the mesh. Ah noobie goodness.