Browse vs. Search: Which Deserves to Go?

While every engineer may find Search easy and efficient, that is not the experience of most people under many conditions, including those encountered by the users of the systems Craig has referenced—Contacts, iOS, and Lion. Learning to type into a box is easy. Memorizing the names of perhaps several hundred apps so you know what to type into the box, not so easy. Unless you are an engineer.
 Graphic designers, left unchecked and unschooled, are likely to aim for maximum visual simplicity at the expense of both learnability and usability. Such interfaces require users to discover new capabilities by clicking around and seeing what happens. Users don't do that. 

So much good stuff in here! The second quote about graphic designers, in particular, sounds like what I spent the first 3+ years when I started working in the digital space arguing against, usually on the losing side.

Ze Web Design, UX & IA Portfolio of a Nugget

Having set my illustration house in order, I figured it was time to do my web design/UX/IA one as well. While I used to hand-code and maintain my own site, I've found that I'm way too lazy to do all the updating that goes with it. Hopefully with my new Posterous based webby portfolio, I'll actually update it more than oh... once every new job. ;)

Here's a webnugget for you!

P.S. Can you spot the punny domain name!

myFry - an application for Mr Stephen Fry

Elegantly creative interface and table of contents design.

Has some UI flaws - basically my devs + designers crowded around excitedly poking and jabbering at it once I DL'd it - and everyone made the SAME mistakes with the UI. That in no way takes away from how innovative and lovely the app is though. It was more of a case of, 'OMG that's so cool, but it would be even cooler if it responded like this to that, etc etc'. It simply shows that it was obviously designed more by artists than by UX folk - which arguably accounts for its brilliance in the first place.

It is a little pricey at US$13.99, but hey... if you'd buy the book anyway, buy the app instead. =)

iPhone Political Canvassing Application - Proof of Concept Mock-Ups [Part 2/3]

Unfortunately, the client was unable to visualise how the Vanilla style could be reskinned to adapt to campaigns. As a result, I did up 2 more versions, showing how different campaigns could possibly handle the reskinning.

Additionally, although I originally followed Apple's guidelines for the icons in the bottom navigation bar, it was felt that there wasn't enough 'uniqueness' to it. This Formal skin, and the visuals in the next post (Quirky skin), addressed that issue.