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I wrote the last post just before bed, moments after announcing in the guild forums of Sidhe Devils, the guild that Cassie and I led for the last several years, that Cassie and I are closing the doors on Sidhe Devils permanently.

Sidhe Devils is done. Rather than turn over leadership to someone else, we’re going to close the doors and ask folks to move on to more active, vibrant, forward looking guilds. We’re going to liquidate the bank, mail out the gold to the players that are left, and bid everyone a very fond farewell.

Big Bear Butt talks about the price Guild Leaders pay for leading their Guilds. Though it's about WoW guilds, what he very thoughtfully covers is relevant in *any* context of guild leadership, imo.

It's very, very easy, when just a 'regular' member of a guild, to forget that leading a guild, (especially leading it well), whether it's a social guild, or a raiding guild, or any other type, is... well... work. It may be work that the Guild Leader enjoys, but it's still work.

As the Guild Leader of a Newbie Helper's Guild for near on ?5? years, I know this. And yet - I also very, very easily forget it, just like everyone else.

If you are a Guild Leader or Officer in any online game, even if you don't play WoW (anymore, or ever), this is worth reading.