Massive Rice Cooker Muffin... Cookie... Thing?

Right, the initial fruits of the 'bake' function on my nice new cooking consort.

Manual said 50 minutes, but the cooker beeped at 30. Suicide Granny informs me that I should at least double the cooking time (the poor thing is so flat!). *Sniffle* when I steamed it in my old cooker it poofed out nicely!

Next time, I shall ignore the slackerly squeals of this new rice cooking consort and double the time, at least! *shakefist*

It's still quite edible though. It isn't hardening into ice-pick stage anyway. Kinda chewy. Nom.

I knew it would happen someday...

...after years of staring enviously at Japanese models, reading blog posts rhapsodising about their advanced features, then being confronted with the Single Button, it's finally happened!

I've found the rice cooker of my dreams. (Alas, the Interwebs have no pictures, but nonetheless, this is my promised one!)

It has the faithful single button.

But it also has a bake function. Yes. BAKE!

Verily, the nugget shall sally forth on the morrow to woo it, win its hand (or is that its pot), and thereafter to whisk it lovingly over the threshold of the nuggetty abode.

And there shall be eternal bliss.

Or well - at least 5 years of bliss. I swear, rice cookers are some of the hardiest appliances around.

maraş dondurması - Turkish non-melting icecream, one of the foods I gotta try someday!

It's troo! An icecream that doesn't melt! And in the case of maraş dondurması, a specialty of the Kahramanmaraş region, it's so tough and sticky that they eat it with a knife and fork! In fact, you can apparently play jump-rope with it. O.o

Lies you say? Nu! Nu lies! The resin from an orchid, which is a main ingredient, is responsible for the gooey taffy stickiness of doom!

Nice article on with lots of details (but sadly no peektures), including - importantly! - how it tastes.

Interesting video about how it's made, but it's all in Turkish, without subtitles. :( Towards the end bit (10:00 and 13:00) you get to see the sticky gooey goodness in action though.

Someday I will be able to plan my hollydays far enuff in advance to go try this stuff...