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I like my veggies the way I like my women - sliced into bite-sized chunks. (The last sentence demanded to be written. Sometimes they do that.)

First post (I think) by a very old friend. If you like food and humour, or even if you just like humour... (What, you don't like food? What are you DOING here?) ... you have to read it. XD

A Soba Noodles Class in Tokyo

The noodles must be 1.6mm wide. 'How do you achieve such regularity?' I asked. 'Easy. Just place your knife at a 1.5° angle and it will push back the guiding board just enough so that the next noodle will be exactly 1.6mm'. Right. There is nothing to tell the chef when he reaches 1.5° so I guess the pupils must get their money's worth if they learn to do it right in 30 days!