maraş dondurması - Turkish non-melting icecream, one of the foods I gotta try someday!

It's troo! An icecream that doesn't melt! And in the case of maraş dondurması, a specialty of the Kahramanmaraş region, it's so tough and sticky that they eat it with a knife and fork! In fact, you can apparently play jump-rope with it. O.o

Lies you say? Nu! Nu lies! The resin from an orchid, which is a main ingredient, is responsible for the gooey taffy stickiness of doom!

Nice article on with lots of details (but sadly no peektures), including - importantly! - how it tastes.

Interesting video about how it's made, but it's all in Turkish, without subtitles. :( Towards the end bit (10:00 and 13:00) you get to see the sticky gooey goodness in action though.

Someday I will be able to plan my hollydays far enuff in advance to go try this stuff...