Kill 10 worms! And eat them. And all their little worm friends too!

Went to Bangkok with a friend over the weekend.

Saw loads of stuff! Mountains of gold, goooooold, gooooooold!!!1!11!1!1 at ze temples and palace. Stuffed self with so much Thai food that I now have a bit of a sore throat. Rooftop bars and shopping in da Chatuchat market! Pole-dancing bars and ladyboys!

But most importantleeeeeee... after 5ish years, I was REUNITED WITH MY BELOVED BAMBOO WORMIEEEEEES!

:( Sad part is they are much more expensive and harder to find than they used to be.

*plot* There has to be a way to get a regular supply. *plot moar* *PLOT!*

Oh yes, and in a related bug-feasty way, this site rawks! Insects are Food.