The Wonderful Things You Learn From Language Filters

So there I was, chatting with a friend in Jade Dynasty, an F2P MMO from Perfect World Entertainment.

Quoth a nugget:

I was looking lustfully at the shinies of shiny doom!

Or that's what I tried to say.

Quoth an in-game nugget:

I was looking lu****lly at the shinies of shiny doom!

Eek! Wut? LOL!

You see, gentle readers - and be warned, your delicate sensibilities may be offended! The word 'lustfully' (and of course, 'lustful' too) contains the acronym 'STFU'.


Is that not a wonderful thing? I would never have seen it by myself. XD

Typography for Lawyers (and Other Folk, Too)

Great design resource covering the basics of typography, with a strong focus on practicality and readability. Although written (as shown) for lawyers, it's relevant to anyone who creates/handles/processes high volumes of 'boring' documents over the course of a work day, since its main aim is to make sure your Boring Documents are as painless (and perhaps even pleasant) to read as possible.

Sample stuff - lots more goodies where it came from!

Good typography is measured on a utilitarian yardstick. Typography that is aesthetically pleasant, but that doesn’t reinforce the goals of the text, is a failure. Typography that reinforces the goals of the text, even if aestheti­cally unpleasant, is a success.

Now that particular paragraph is something I wish more of the baby designers I've dealt with understood.

Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audience’s Attention - Smashing Magazine

Cool-stuff in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention


Our shiny new corporate site, for which I did 80% of the design/conceptualisation, all of the illustration, and all of the copywriting, was featured on Smashing Magazine!

(80% of the design because I extensively reworked someone else's original 'base' design.)