GDC Vault - MUD: Messrs Bartle and Trubshaw's Astonishing Contrivance

Video of Bartle's presentation at GDC

Wonderful talk. One of the things Bartle repeatedly mentions is that when designing, you need to know WHY you are doing it in the thing that YOU are designing.

Not because someone else has done it, not because everyone ELSE is doing it, but because it has a definite purpose in YOUR system.

Also has a great rant towards the end about how people don't do things better, because they don't realise that they can - that they're allowed to.

Some great quotes:

I won't be telling you how great text is over graphics, because that's an argument I've won many times... and still lost.

I won't be telling you how great permadeath is - God uses it, it can't be bad.

It behooves you all to understand WHAT you are designing, and WHY you are designing it.

What we wanted to do was say unpalatable things about the real world - within the protective frame of a game.

You must understand what's in the paradigm - then you can throw it away.

We put in the level system because it let you OUT of the (British social) class system!

Much of what he says isn't specific just to game design, but to learning and perfecting any craft.

ART BACKWASH: Switching from FreeHand to Illustrator

I've noticed a few nick-names former FreeHand users have given Illustrator since switching and all prove to be accurate ironically enough. Here are some I've heard. (Feel free to share more in your comments below)

- Frustrator
- Castrator
- ill-luckstrator
- #$@!strator

See a trend developing?

Yes, the nugget is one of those who still mourns her beloved Freehand. :(

And yes, I use Illustrator these days. Because I'm forced to.

Meet Your Type - Field Guide to Typography | FontShop

Meet Your Type(52 pages)
  • A Field Guide to Typography

    Why settle for casual flirtation when looking for a long-lasting relationship? Finding the perfect match is easy if you know the rules. Meet Your Type will help you overcome common obstacles, and keep your heart thumping for your one true love: typography.


  • Hilarious (and educational!) field guide to typography.

    Online Personas - An Installation by Aaron Zinman

    In the wake of the whole Blizzard-Activision RealID debacle comes this shiny, scary, fun toy! This toy was not inspired by the whole RealID thing that I know of, but it's still oddly relevant!

    Online Personas - An Installation by Aaron Zinman

    You puts in your namez. It searches (some parts) of the Intarwebz. It makes a pretteh graphic. It shows you how the Intarwebz sees you! Be aware though, if you share the same name with many other non-snowflakes, it will show an aggregate you!

    Go forth my minions, play wif it!

    (Also, apparently one of my closest friends was born in 1834, got married in 1814, and has 5 children. I think there's something she isn't telling me...)