Rift: Suffice to say, Trion has a really strange idea of 'epic'

Yes, I know there's a wardrobe feature, and no, my mage doesn't usually run around displaying her... epics... because they just look too... epic.

On the other hand, if I had known that this would be what my maxlevel epicced-out mage would look like then... I'm not sure I would have bought / subscribed to this game at all. XD

And that's not even going into the whole Landslide mount thing. OooH that's another good one. The worst part is that Trion tries so hard to make their players happy. They gave Landslide a tail. Just go browse the thread. It has good peektures!

Yes, spec work is exploitative - but why are these videos and messages always directed at designers?

Getting back in contact with an old friend in Eastern Europe has made me realise some of the things that designers in the UK/US/ANZ and much of Asia take for granted.

To many designers in these areas, yeah, sure, the video above makes perfect sense.

All fine and good until you're already working 2-3 jobs, and you're doing spec work on the side because winning it is like winning a mini lottery for you and the people you love.

I'm not arguing that spec work isn't exploitative - it is. But if you consider an economic situation like the one above... it's much harder to turn around and wave that admonishing finger at designers, saying they shouldn't do spec work. Bad. BAD! And the further tarring of all designers who do spec-work as hacks doesn't help.

Why not, instead, create videos that emphasize that companies should not do this, and that they should always pay a fair rate? Or is that just a dream?

Or to frame it another way, is the answer: Men are men, if you dress provocatively, it's your own fault! ;)

I'm not sure this writer understands the purpose and function of wireframes.

Wouldn't it be nice to create prettier, more detailed versions of wireframes that can include all sorts of fancy icons, buttons and placeholders? With the Layout Lab's Web + Mobile UI PSD Bundle, you can do exactly that. Even better, you can work right in Photoshop.

And in answer? No, no I would not like prettier, more detailed wireframes with fancy icons and whatever else prettified is in there.

Where I'm concerned, as long as information is conveyed clearly, the uglier and more unpolished-looking the better when it comes to wireframes. ._.