The Wonderful Things You Learn From Language Filters

So there I was, chatting with a friend in Jade Dynasty, an F2P MMO from Perfect World Entertainment.

Quoth a nugget:

I was looking lustfully at the shinies of shiny doom!

Or that's what I tried to say.

Quoth an in-game nugget:

I was looking lu****lly at the shinies of shiny doom!

Eek! Wut? LOL!

You see, gentle readers - and be warned, your delicate sensibilities may be offended! The word 'lustfully' (and of course, 'lustful' too) contains the acronym 'STFU'.


Is that not a wonderful thing? I would never have seen it by myself. XD

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LOL! Hahahahhaha brings me back to the days when a friend made me register to one of those free forums(proboards i think) and the filter was so strong it made silly sentences like "Andrew you 'pregnant dog'! You forgot to write down that 'mumbo jumbo' list for the 'fatheads' in class."

Mm..I may just turn on my mature filter on now and see what comes up in the next few days :D