So I've started drinking coffee...

...even though I don't particularly like the stuff.

I've always been more of a tea person. Teas! I have so many teas!

So why is the nugget being coffeefied? Weeeeeeell...

...our new office has this super spiffy coffee-making machine, with lots of shiny steel surfaces and sleek black appurtenances and dials and buttons and lights and...


I'm drinking coffee I don't really want, in copious amounts, because it's so fun to watch it gloosh out of the machine.

I'm sure there's some relation to MMOs and grind here, I just can't quite figure out what.

Adam Phillips on the happiness myth | Books | The Guardian

We all want to be happy, we want our children to be happy, and there are countless books advising us how to achieve happiness. But is this really what we should be aiming for?

Interesting stuff on the nature and pursuit of happiness, and whether the pursuit of happiness *should* be a right.

After all, lopping off the legs of a live dog (or substitute sentient creature of your choice) and then chomping on the bloodied spasming toes might make me incredibly happy, but there might just possibly be something wrong with making the pursuit of that particular type of happiness a right.

(Of course, if you're a Rot Wallow, that makes it all okay.)