So I've started drinking coffee...

...even though I don't particularly like the stuff.

I've always been more of a tea person. Teas! I have so many teas!

So why is the nugget being coffeefied? Weeeeeeell...

...our new office has this super spiffy coffee-making machine, with lots of shiny steel surfaces and sleek black appurtenances and dials and buttons and lights and...


I'm drinking coffee I don't really want, in copious amounts, because it's so fun to watch it gloosh out of the machine.

I'm sure there's some relation to MMOs and grind here, I just can't quite figure out what.

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Wouldn't it be easier then to just get coffee for other people? Rep boosts and machine watching all in the same process, without the downside of downing the stuff.
You'd think so, but apparently others are addicted to the coffee-grind too!

The machine is so popular that the poor thing needed to be repaired in just 2 weeks after we all moved in! (It's a new building. We all just moved in. That poor, poor machine...)

I suspect others are poiking it for the exact same 'OOOH SHINEH' reason, since those I've talked to do admit to a certain, OoOh look foam Oooo mentality as well. With the same guilty look. XD