Dude, She's in Tree Form aka This is What Happens With Infinite Gear Spiral Systems

FriendofNugget1 in Alterac Valley: OMG, she's (nugget) tanking everyone at the flag!
FoN2: Yeah, bear form is overpowered.
FoN1: Dude, she's in tree form.

...ahh, much as we gripe about gear-based systems, once in a while, everyone loves being on the ridiculously over-geared end of the equation.

Note: This was in Burning Crusade, tail-end.

Melmoth on a Separate Sub-Species of Drooly Doom!

Actually I have a theory that fantasy female warriors have evolved as a sub-species separate from other members of their race, and are actually entirely hairless apart from the hair which they grow on their head, which is often a veritable mane, long and luxurious enough to make male lions weep and the TRESemmé marketing department drool; they’re like a sort of semi-hairless cat, only less wrinkly, and not so prone to licking their own genitals, despite the hopes and desires of many a randy male gamer, I’m sure.