Dude, She's in Tree Form aka This is What Happens With Infinite Gear Spiral Systems

FriendofNugget1 in Alterac Valley: OMG, she's (nugget) tanking everyone at the flag!
FoN2: Yeah, bear form is overpowered.
FoN1: Dude, she's in tree form.

...ahh, much as we gripe about gear-based systems, once in a while, everyone loves being on the ridiculously over-geared end of the equation.

Note: This was in Burning Crusade, tail-end.

The Only MMO I've Played is WoW - Will I Like Guild Wars?

Consider these statements... ARR!
  • I want player skill to be more important than gear.
  • I don't need gear stats linked to gear models that I can show off to total strangers in order to make me feel good or viable.
  • I want to beat content (and people!) because I'm better at playing the game than them, not because of my gear.
  • I want to PvP with people who PvP for the love of it.
  • End-game is about testing myself, and improving my skill as a player. I am the most challenging boss I can fight!
  • Too much of WoW PvE depends on the tank, the tank, the tank, and the tank.
  • I want to be able to effectively defend myself as a healer, while still remaining a healer.

If you don't agree with any of these statements:
Guild Wars is definitely not the game for you. You won't find it fun. You'll be one of those people who goes, 'Ok I've finished the storyline and have 1 (or 2 or 3 or whatever) set of elite armour. There's nothing to DO in this game!'

If you agree with some of these statements:
You might like Guild Wars, give the Free Trial a try. 

If you agree with all of these statements:
You'll probably love this game. I know I do. =)

(P.S. The probability of this 'assessment' being accurate depends on being honest with yourself. There's nothing wrong with liking statted shinies. After all, Sacred Gold, which I looooooove is packed with statted shinies! OTOH, it's not an MMO.)