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What has been known to actually happen, however, is that power makes allowances for power and the powerless continue to not be beneficiaries. It is not that I do not trust power. I trust power to be what it is. What I do not trust is that power will be what it has never been.

The Atlantic Article, Trickle Down Feminism, and my Twitter Mentions. God Help Us All

Habibi, by Craig Thompson, is like the lovechild of a Coleman Barks' Rumi translation and an older, wiser, kinder Neil Gaiman.

It's also the best comic I've ever read (yes, better than Sandman), and is up there with one of the best books I've ever read.

See more of it here, and if you like Gaiman, and you like Sufi poetry, just get the darn thing already. XD 

There's a bit of an interview here, with the author. I'm not sure where all this 'White Man's Burden' stuff that the interviewer talks about is coming from. I don't remember any white folk in the book at all. But then, since I'm not any of the ethnic groups in that thaar book, maybe that's why I missed it.

Awesome no-fail blondies from Inspired Taste!

Get da no fail blondies recipe by Joanne from Inspired Taste!

They taste awesome, and have a really nice crispy-top texture and moist dense insides that somehow manage to be fluffy at the same time. Very 'more-ish', which isn't usually how I feel about sweet baked stuff. Nugget is all about the meat... the MEAT! But these are so more-ish that I had 2.5 pieces, which is 1.5 more than usual for any sweet stuff I make.

Mine looks a little different because I added pecans and blueberries. I put the blueberries on a light layer of panko breadcrumbs to stop them falling to the bottom of the blondies. People usually use flour for that, but I was lazy, and I had panko I wanted to finish up. The idea is that the flour (or panko) absorbs the blooberreh juices as they scream and essplode and die, thereby stopping them from falling to the bottom.

Google Web Designer can't open HTML unless... wtf? LoOoOoOoOoL

Soooooo I downloaded and installed Google's shiny new toy, Google Web Designer.

I load up the application, and try to open an HTML file I've been working on.

Imagine my wtfbbq reaction when it shows me this.

Yes, an application with 'Web Designer' in it can't open an HTML file. WTF?

But wait! It lets me create HTML files, so why can't it open them? Hmm! It seems that it can open its own files... why?

Well it turns out, if I want to open a HTML file in Google WTF Designer, I have to first open my HTML file in a text editor, or any OTHER HTML editor of my choice, and insert <meta name="generator" content="Google Web Designer"> into the meta tags. Then it works.

What on earth were they thinking? Anyone who works with HTML should easily find this. Are they trying to lock the people who don't want to look at their HTML at all into the Web Designer? When any bloody text editor can open... Oh my brain.

The End Result