Glitch sort-of-lives because Tiny Speck are so freaking generous and awesome and and and and...

Glitch lives on, as MMO's assets enter the public domain

Tiny Speck, studio behind the closed MMO Glitch, has announced that it will be releasing the entirety of the game's art and animation assets for public use.

"This is probably the biggest release of art of this type into the public domain and we hope it will be a valuable resource for indie developers, students, artists and even commercial projects," the company said in a statement.

Released under a Creative Commons 0 "No Rights Reserved" license, the assets are freely available for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. The CC0 license, in effect, waives any and all of Tiny Speck's copyright claim over the assets, rendering them as public domain as most creative works before the 20th century now are.

"The team at Tiny Speck put years of work into the art for Glitch," studio president Stewart Butterfield stated. "The game didn't make it, but [we] couldn't stand the thought of all that creative work shuttered away forever. Making it freely available to all as a public good is a worthy legacy for the project."

The assets are available for download from the game's old website. Additional documentation and lore from Glitch is available in the game's official encyclopedia.

- Gamasutra

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