Ze Web Design, UX & IA Portfolio of a Nugget

Having set my illustration house in order, I figured it was time to do my web design/UX/IA one as well. While I used to hand-code and maintain my own site, I've found that I'm way too lazy to do all the updating that goes with it. Hopefully with my new Posterous based webby portfolio, I'll actually update it more than oh... once every new job. ;)

Here's a webnugget for you!

P.S. Can you spot the punny domain name!

My web and all that - but what I *really* like is the quiz UI.

The NugWeb.

A really cute implementation of a simple idea, although, alas, Firefox doesn't seem to think gamers exist. At least a third of the questions had no answers that were even close to what I would pick.

That being said, what I really like is the quiz UI. For radio-button style questions, it's really great! Why make the user keep clicking 'next' after checking a radio button - they can only select one darn button anyway! And the autocomplete at the end, with the option to 'Go back' is very similar to Google's 'undo'. It's a great feature because it takes the 'responsibility' away from the user, while not depriving them of choice or power. By this I mean, rather than constant alerts popping up saying, 'Make this decision, make it nao, and it's FINAL SO YOU BETTER KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND CHOOSE CORRECTLY OR YOU WILL DIE AS IF YOU DRANK FROM THE FALSE GRAIL!!!1!1!!' ahem... it just lets you do your stuff, and gives you a way out if you change your mind.

~_o From nao on, my radio button quizzes shall be done in this seksy style!

And yes, they put all this hard work into making it all shiny and here I am raving about their quiz UI. XD What can I say.

P.S.: This wouldn't work for checkbox style questions - those require the user to select, then click next/submit, because there's no way to tell when the user is 'done'. The signal for that needs to come from the user. So alas, no shinies!

I would like to find the designer who thought it was a good idea for Windows 7 to force-quit all your programs and restart, all by itself, in order to install an update. Without even having the courtesy of informing you of it, or giving you the option to

cancel or postpone the update installation. I would like to write this designer a very nasty email. With demonspawn killer bunnehs with a taste for gnawing and gnashing on gonads attached. That is what I would like to do.

FontShop UX fail

It is incredibly annoying to click a link in an eDM newsletter, be brought to the referring site, attempt to retrieve one's password because one is a senile nugget in a box of 20 mcnuggets, and to then be told that the email address the nuggetty one received the link at in the first place 'doesn't exist'.

So how did they send this nugget mail, anyway?!