Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

Industrious nugget is industrious! Just the background to go, then the final polishing bits. Hopefully I'll finish it within the next couple of days. Deadline is looming!

I've fiddled with the colour a bit, and I think I like the new version (the third from the left) better than the older ones. -_- If anyone other than my neurotic fiddly self can tell, anyway.

The lionesses were pretty fun. I haven't painted a furry thing in a looooooooooooooooooong while, so it was great to re-explore rendering fur with the shiny new capabilities of Pshop CS4.

Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

Alas, for the best laid plans of mice and nuggets!

I seem to have spent most of the weekend frolicking and sleeping. -_- Didn't do as much as I hoped.

Was supposed to finish jewellery and wings this weekend. Hah! >.> And no, the jewellery isn't done. Necklace, bracer (or is that bracelet) and her hooked rod thingies still need proper detailing - all I did was put in the highlights.

Alas for lazy nugfaces! >.< Must work moar... moar! :( Need to finish by 15th August.

Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

I'm experimenting with a slightly different way of rendering, and I think I like the results so far.

Unfortunately, it also seems to change how I hold my pen, with the result that I'm getting a blister on the first joint of my pinkie. I've tried holding the pen differently, but it doesn't give me the results I want when I do. >.> Apparently I need to grow new callouses in order to use this technique.

The great thing about this 'early digital' art time we're living in (and considering it's only the last what - 20-30 years? that's pretty early, if you consider history in general)... anyways, the great thing is there's lots to discover for yourself in terms of techniques. The basic principles of stuff still hold true, but the *how* of doing things with a different medium has lots of stuff to explore.

Back to blisters. >.<

Going to have to do this in shorter sittings over the week, I think, rather than one long sitting and, 'YAY I FEENEESH her today'... cause looking at my hand, I think that might be a Bad Idea. But at least it's moving!


(Yes, it's flipped around. I tend to flip my work back and forth a lot while working, so it's not only flipped now, but is going to continue to do so! Zoom! ZOMP! Zoom!)

Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

>.> Ok so this is a cheat. I blame ArenaNet! :(

I didn't work on the piece last weekend cause I was doing BLA nonstop. XD

And then this weekend I'm wishywashying around, unable to decide which style I want to use. If I use a paintypainty style (my normal) it's going to take a lot longer... and I need to be done by 15th August to enter the contest.

If I do a more graphic style, like this one, then it'll be faster... but... I don't like that style as much.

AUUUUGH! *brain splodes*

On the bright side, I think this colour scheme has much more oomph than the original one.

Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

I'll be attempting to finish this piece in time to enter Erotic Signature's contest again this year.

This year's nugget attempt is Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of sex, war and fertility. One of the more well-known surviving poems about her tells the story of Inanna's Descent into the Underworld, ostensibly to attend a funeral - but really, to conquer it. ;) Things don't quite go as planned though... It's a riveting story, with dollops of horror, gore and vengeance! And meat hooks. Yes. Meat hooks!

Since this is only one of the preliminary parts, (I tend to assemble pieces in bits and bobs), I still need to do stuff like the lions... and... anything else I think should go in!

Oh. And if you're curious and haven't seen it, the other piccy is what I entered last year. Didn't get into the book but hey... At least it means I *finished* a piece last year. XD