Cradle mountain is awesooooooooooooooooome!

Cradle mountain in Tasmania is the first wildlife reservation a nugget has ever been to - in fact, it's the first wildlife anything that a nugget has ever been to! Also, it's the second time a nugget has ever encountered snow. The first time was about 15+ years ago in Croatia in midwinter. Quoth a nugget, then, 'It's (the snow) not like sand at all!'

Saw lots of waterfalls, molested a Tasmanian devil, ate some wallaby, and skidded and minced along on lots of ice. Tropical nugget on ice = super fearful nugget. Remarked repeatedly to the NuggetBoy that the rendering in this simulation was amazing. So much so that it made a nugget a bit homesick for GW:EotN's Far Shiverpeaks. XD

Funnily enough, it seems that SLRs are the reason a nugget barely passed photography in design school. Give her a dummy-proof one and suddenly everything is fine. >.>