Rift: Inventory Issues

You know you have a problem when you renew a subscription to a game you're not all that taken with, simply because you've stuffed your alts mailboxes with too much crap and need time to clear it all.

P.S. Rift is very generous with bag space, it's me that's the issue. *mourn*

Tetris + Loot = Win!

I really, really love how Sacred Gold handles inventory.

Yes, down to the fact that each potion takes its own discrete tile. In Sacred 2, they made potions stackable, but somehow that wasn't as awesome.

Sacred Gold's system gives me the feeling that I'm actually packing stuff into my character's bags. ~_o God knows why, but that makes me a happy, tickled nugget.

I think it's a throwback from my days of playing tons of Tetris. Tetris + loot = win!