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Great now I have to get this fashion outfit on my human priest just to see if it really does do that on humans.

(It doesn't on elves - elves all very decently covered.) Well, depending on your definition of 'very' and 'decent'.

._. Which makes me sad because it means I spent 10 minutes zooming in on my elf toon's boobs just to see if I could get that view.

This better not be pshopped. T_T

Ahhaaha. Roped a friend in to test... FOR SCIENCE!

It's not shopped. O.O

First image is screenshot taken by dwarf-me. Second is from friendie. *cackle*

...and my colleagues wonder why I never elaborate on my weekends.

Forsaken World: They're just so good at ridiculous tartiness.

Before I get people up in arms, that's not equipment - that's fashion, and all of us have chosen to wear it. XD

(The toon on the left is mine.)

Funnily enough, especially as you get to higher levels, the female equipment models in FW tend to cover more skin than the 'epic plate armor'  models in many other MMOs.

So of course, we then have to wear ridiculously silly tarty fashion. Ahem. XD

Forsaken World: WTB Some Decent Standalone Pants for Girlies

While some folks may like it, I find bard armor to be way too over the top for me. I mean I'm all for bishonen and luxury and flounce but this... this isn't just a matter of too much, it's also too ugly. Lol.

Male Bard High Level Armor:

Thankfully, FW has recently implemented Soul Leaves - bound cash shop currency that autobinds all items you buy to you. Unfortunately, the 'low hanging fruit' in terms of earning that only gives you 80 leaves. Basically, enough for a pair of pants. Or shoes.

Still, for my boy bard, that was wonderful! I was able to turn him into this

 While his shirt is still that particular shade of dirty grey devs like to use as a hint to tell you to COVER IT UP.. he's passable.

Unfortunately, girl bards aren't so lucky.

Female Bard High Level Armor: Unlike boy bards, who are spoilt for choice when it comes to pants... There are precisely 3 pairs of pants for girls, and the one shown below is the best of the three:
As you can see, compared with the jeans my boy bard is wearing above... they look kinda... unifinished. I mean they're nicely textured and all, but they NEED boots at least in order to look 'finished'. The other two pairs of pants look even worse, and everything else is either a) panties b) skirts that are glorified panties with trains, and c) skirts that are so short they're basically panties.

Now, I have no problem with all these panty-skirt variants. I just wish that girl bards were able to get the same effect as boy bards by spending the same amount of currency. But alas, there's no such option.