Gloriously lazy lemon blueberry egg white food processor cookies!

Yes! These cookies contain food processor! :P

Everything except adding the blueberries and shaping the cookies into balls is done in a food processor. You prolly want a sturdy food processor though, my last puny one died in horror at the thought of having to make a whole lemon tart.

Why egg whites? Because we had some left over and I wanted to get rid of them.

Why brown sugar? To make up for the lack of egg yolk.

Why not just cream the cookies? I was curious to see whether this 'reverse creaming' method works for cookies too. It works great for scones, cupcackles, and pie crusts after all. And also because washing the food processor is less work than beating in flour or folding it in with a spoon, and for me, the lazier a recipe, the better. Plus, this requires no planning (no leaving the butter out), and no guess-nuking to soften the butter. Lastly, I hate creaming butter, the sugar always tries to escape, and I get bored standing there with the hand mixer...

Chewy inside, crispy outside lemon cookie!
400g cake flour
100g salted butter (room temp)
150g white sugar
50g dark brown sugar
60g egg white
Zest from 1 lemon
Juice from half a lemon (50ml~)
Some dried blueberries (fresh ones will leak horribly)
Vanilla essence

  1. Throw butter, sugars, cake flour into food processor
  2. Pulse until breadcrumby
  3. Add lemon zest
  4. Pulse some more
  5. Add vanilla essence and lemon juice to whirring food processor
  6. Pulse until dough looks right - sort of like plasticine
  7. Mix in blueberries
  8. Plop in fridge for about an hour
  9. Preheat oven to 150-60C
  10. Make (large) truffle-sized balls, try to get at least one blueberry per cookie
  11. Plop balls about 2 inches apart on cookie sheet
  12. Bake for 20~ minutes, until edges are slightly brown

Flourless peanut butter choc chip cookies from Kirbie's Cravings

These flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies from Kirbie's Cravings are really quite nice! And very lazy. That's important. :X

I don't care if stuff is flourless, eggless, butterless, whateverless one way or the other, but I do care if there is less stuff I have to do. ;)

These are one-bowl, no creaming, no softening butter, etc. Basically just dump and stir. Perfect!

I didn't change the recipe at all (unusual for me), though ofc I didn't really measure stuff, I just eyeballed it...

Only things I did change were the baking times (and I think) the portion sizes.

I tend to like my cookies to be 1 teaspoon or so, rather than the 1 tablespoon that a lot of recipes seem to like.

I also reduced the baking time, because at 11m, the first batch was waaaaay overdone. Still edible, but with edges beginning to burn.

I don't think it's a problem with the original recipe though, which is great.

I think it may be that:
- my new oven runs hot
- I'm baking on parchment paper on a black cookie sheet
- my cookies are smaller

With those things in mind 8m 15s at 175C turned out perfect cookies for me! :) Yey!

Also, if you tend to think more in ratios like me, the ingredient ratio is roughly:
- 4 parts peanut butter
- 4 parts dark brown sugar
- 1 part egg
- some choc chips
- some baking powder

Awesome flourless fudge cookies from ihearteating.

From here:

Really nice cookies, and super lazy! Crispy on the outside, fudgy on the inside, and almost no work. :X

I did change her recipe slightly, to make it less sweet. Plus I added orange essence. And less vanilla essence.

My tweaked version

  • 2 c. powdered sugar
  • 3/4 c. unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 3 large egg whites
  • Some vanilla extract
  • Some orange essence
  • Some gold powdered sugar for sprinklies
  • Bake 7m 30s at just under 180C

Technique-wise, it's exactly the same as what Kate posted! Yep, no need to beat those egg whites! WOOHOO! :X

I'm not a big chocolate fan but I like these a lot. ^_^

Mascarpone Cookie Base aka the Great Festive Cookie Invasion!

Clockwise from outside top
Oreo cheesecake, green tea oreo, lemon cranberry walnut, poppyseed blondie, chocolate ginger caramel, strawberries and cream with walnut

Basic Tender / Chewy Cookie!
300g cake flour
100g salted butter (room temp)
100g caster sugar (150 for crispier version)
30g mascarpone
1 egg (whole… too lazy to separate the yolk lol)
Vanilla essence

  1. Cream butter and mascarpone
  2. Add vanilla essence, cream some more
  3. Add sugar, beat until fluffy
  4. Add egg, beat again
  5. Beat in flour (I find it works best if I beat it in in 2 to 3 parts, rather than all at once)
  6. Dump in fridge for 1 hour or so
  7. Preheat oven to 150-60C
  8. Make (large) truffle-sized balls
  9. Plop balls about 2 inches apart
  10. Bake for 20-30 minutes

>.> This recipe is less chatty than usual because really, it's my notes to myself that became a post. XD

    Mascarpone can be replaced with 50g brown or dark brown sugar. Essentially, the mascarpone acts as a (more) hydrophilic element (than just plain white sugar) in the recipe. So if you wanna take that out, you gotta replace it with something else hydrophilic! When using 50g brown sugar, I also use 1 tsp double action baking powder.

    Massive Rice Cooker Muffin... Cookie... Thing?

    Right, the initial fruits of the 'bake' function on my nice new cooking consort.

    Manual said 50 minutes, but the cooker beeped at 30. Suicide Granny informs me that I should at least double the cooking time (the poor thing is so flat!). *Sniffle* when I steamed it in my old cooker it poofed out nicely!

    Next time, I shall ignore the slackerly squeals of this new rice cooking consort and double the time, at least! *shakefist*

    It's still quite edible though. It isn't hardening into ice-pick stage anyway. Kinda chewy. Nom.