Swordsman Online (CN) - Angelica III engine combat trailer - YouTube

Hoping that this comes to the English market sometime next year or the year after.

PWE's martial arts based combat animations have always been gorgeous. Even the basic autoattack animations in their wuxia type MMOs are gorgeous - I don't know the names, but I do remember recognising some of the swordplay moves in Jade Dynasty's basic autoattack.

With this whole new engine (Angelica III), the combat animations have retained all of their distinctive flavour, and are more gorgeous than ever.

No idea how it's going to work in actual gameplay, what with latency, etc, but what the trailer really reminds me of is Street Fighter... only in 3D. It's sort of like Virtua Fighter all grown up. XD

Since this is (I think) PWE's first use of a new engine, it'll doubtless have bugs and stuff, but it's just so pretty!

...and OMG you can do all the qinggong stuff, apparently. Bound over small buildings and hop along the surface of the water etc etc.