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Essentially I don’t get on with Guild Wars because every time I come to play it it teaches me just how bad I am outside of the basic piñata model of play. Every combat is so fast-paced and frantic that I finish it exhausted while not entirely sure what actually happened, other than I seem to somehow still be alive, which is the joy of having a healer henchman I suppose. In fact I picture the AI henchmen in my party silently mocking me for being an utter noob, and secretly all trying to vote-kick me out of the group so that they can continue on in peace without having to carry me.

If you play, have played, or are considering playing Guild Wars, you really, really should read this.

Also if you've introduced friends to your shiny new toy, brimming with happiness at its shininess, only to find them folding their arms, and saying, Vekk-style, 'I'm not impressed'.

It's a refreshingly honest and charmingly written look at why Guild Wars doesn't do it for Melmoth, and at the same time, is very clear on why it just might be your cup of tea.

It's definitely mine. =)