Wise Goblin Idiot Control Methodology

Earlier the direct effect of criticism was minimal. Practically the M&S only stopped doing his nonsense when he was a true newbie totally oblivious to TB. In every other case I got "lol i do what i wanna" or "whysosrs lol" or "welcome to my /ignore". Of course there was a long-time effect, they usually stopped doing the same nonsense or showing up at all. It's simple sub-conscious method, he "plays for fun" and being criticized is not fun, so he (without being consciously aware of) avoided things that attracted critical comments.

But when I called them out with guild name, I started to get "sorry" or some lame excuse and immediate fixing their behavior. I was totally amazed. Took some time figuring out what's going on

It works!

It really, really works!

Tested in Guild Wars and Forsaken World. It WORKS!


Greedy goblin - WoW Cynicism at Its Finest

As I wrote, Blizzard designed an ingenious mechanic for heroics: there is huge pressure on tanks and healers to do great job, while little pressure on damage dealers. While good damage dealers can speed up the fight, killing the boss before healer is OOM, can avoid damage to make his life easier and watch aggro, if they don't do it, the immediate reason of the wipe will be healer OOM or healer unable to keep the party alive. So arthasdklol, while wipe to red, can maintain the self-image of "l33t guy" who just wiped due to that noob healer. The same way he can't raid but blame the tanks and healers for not being in his guild or leaving it. Arthasdklol will keep playing as he feels good about himself while losing (and feels bad about the healer or tank).

...I wonder what it says about me, that I agree with him.