Stones (Ultima Theme) by David R Watson on Jeff Wilmott's 4-hole pendant ocarina

A couple of months ago, I picked up this really cute little ocarina at the St Kilda Beach market, from Jeff Wilmott's stall.

I call it my baby hamster, because I clutch it and it squeaks. >.>

One thing led to another, and before long, I acquired a rather large Focalink Triple Dolce AC ocarina, which I call my 'Fat Hamster'. On account of it being well... bigger and fatter! Last Sunday, I brought my fat hamster down to Jeff's stall for him to have a look and a feel. He very kindly gave me his songbook, which I have used for the nefarious purpose of putting together an ocarina score for David R. Watson's Stones - more commonly known as 'the Ultima theme'.

And here's me tootling it on my lovely little baby hamster. Any ickiness you hear is due to my noobness, and not the little ocarina I'm tootling on. This is the first tune I learned to play on the baby hamster, and I was too shy to play more than the first few bars in front of Jeff. *scuffle*

Big thanks to Jeff for setting me on the path to hamster... I mean ocarina love! =)