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No. Nonononono. Noooooooooooooo.

Adults might appreciate it, since it IS wonderfully bizarre, but I assume this is aimed at children... and you should NOT teach children that food is something that comes in little bags of powder - Just Add Water. Dear Gods, that is wrong on so many levels.

Personally I'd prefer soylent green,at least it has confirmed organic origin.

Butbut...isn't that how food is made?!?!


Nope. To obtain food you need to:

1. Hunt down an animal
2. Slaughter an animal
3. Apply fire to carcass (this is the creative bit - vary levels of fire and means of application for effect)

Sometimes you can replace animal with plant. But I feel that if all you can hunt down and slaughter is a turnip, you're not trying hard enough.

If someone tries to sell you a brightly colored bag of powder that says 'JUST ADD WATAH OMG!" aways ask: Where's the animal? Where's the plant? If it has neither, it's not food.