Oh well then, I guess I know why my sorbet - isn't. XD

Another option for those without an ice cream machine is to turn this sorbet into an icy granita. To make a granita, transfer the chilled mixture to a large, shallow pan and place in the freezer, rather than processing in the ice cream machine. When you see ice crystals beginning to form around the edges of the pan, stir the granita using a fork, scraping it off the bottom and sides of the pan to ensure an even consistency when freezing; continue to stir and scrape, breaking up the ice crystals, every thirty minutes until it is completely frozen, about 3 hours. Stirring is a crucial step in making granita, as the goal with granita is to create coarse granular crystals of ice to achieve the perfect grainy texture.

Moar info here too! I think I'll change the name when I make this again. I WILL MAKE IT AGAIN DAMMIT.

That, and next time (and this time too haha!) I'll call it 'granita'...

Bacon-wrapped scallops and some sort of lemon sorbet wannabe.

Aaaaand this week from the land of mad bacon science we brings you...

Bacon-wrapped scallops
According to nuggetboy, the little buggers were rather hard to wrap in bacon. We wrapped most of the ones we defrosted in bacon, and tossed 4 other unwrapped ones to fry in the bacon fat with their more dressed-up brethren. >.>

Verdict! Uh. Scallops fried in bacon fat are better than scallops wrapped in bacon. O.o It's troo!

See, the scallops fried in bacon absorb a massive amount of bacon fat into their scallopy fibres, resulting in a bacon scallop explosion of taste when chewed. Oddly enough, wrapping the scallops in bacon seems to protect the scallop from... the bacon fat - resulting in scallops that are less bacony than the plain fat-fried ones, but with nice contrasting textures from scallopy goodness and bacony crispiness.

Lemon Sorbet Wannabe
I saw a recipe on the interwebs somewhere that said, make sorbet! It's easy! combine ice, sugar, juice, freeze in a flattish shallow container, and WHACK IT HARD REPEATEDLY WITH A FORK (and replace in the freezer each time) until it becomes sorbet. -_- What they neglected to mention was the exact technique for whacking with a fork until it becomes fine and grainy. Right now, it's at the crushed ice stage. I'm beginning to wonder if it would be better with a blender - but unfortunately, I don't have one. The recipe says whacking it repeatedly until it submits and becomes a sorbet is the way it's traditionally done... so I guess I'll just keep beating it up over the week.

It does taste awfully nice, even though in typical nugget fashion, I neither used the exact same ingredients, nor followed any measurements. XD What I used was enough water for a shallow soup dish, with a heaped tablespoon of manuka honey, and 3 lemons. It's very potently lemony, and quite refreshing, but if we do this again, I think I'll put 2 tablespoons of honey in rather than one. Nuggetboy likes his desserts sweeter, I do like honey, and right now, while my nuggetly senses can detect the honey quite distinctly, he can't taste it at all.

Updates on sorbet beating to follow!