Weekly Random Sketch

The finished piece is adjusted for a little more contrast and brightness than the Brushes original - didn't realise my base was too dark when I started.

Also, pardon the epileptic-fit-inducing bit at the start, where I pick my background colour. That'll teach me to keep filling new colours instead of undoing, THEN filling. If I were to undo, then fill, Brushes wouldn't keep a record of my schizoid colour-picking procedure, you see. ;)

The iPad just replaced my desktop for screen-resolution raster work. [Weekly Nuggetsketch]

Sketch sorta turned into Dream from Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

And thanks to Brushes nifty replay feature... we can has movie! Done with my nifty new DIY stylus!

It must be said that the replay thingie makes me look leeter than I am, since it doesn't record undos, and I did a couple of those when doing the star in his eye. However, the medium is so responsive that I'm not undoing much at all, just overlaying more paint, etc.


Zee stylus, it VURKS!!!! Mooahahahahahahahahahahaheeahem.

Testing my DIY stylus with Brushes. Took about 30 min, then my latest mad scientist bread finished baking, and ze nugget hopped in ze freezer for ze night.

Will finish/update later, but so far, I like Brushes more than Sketchbook Pro - the interface just seems easier to use.

Sorry about the flip-flop-flipping - seems I accidentally duplicated layers without meaning to, and so had to get rid of them. Lettuce pretend it's a special effect.

Speshul. Like the bus.

While we're at it, lettuce pretend this is the poor abandoned Weekly Nuggetsketch, shall we?

The Festive Tragedy of Snowpeople

Did this a couple of years back as a Christmas ecard/microsite theme for Sun Microsystems (R.I.P). Sadly, it was felt to be not... ah... formal enough. I can't tell why. *stifles mad giggles*

The style was intentionally done like Bill Watterson's stuff (Calvin and Hobbes, to those few who don't recognise the name). It seemed appropriate for Tragic Snowpeople.

This year, I've brought it back to life here (ooh a rhyme!) in the hopes that it will make people spare a moment of silence for all the snowpeople of the world, destined to go down the draaaaaaaaaaaaaaains.