Super Easy No-Bake Raspberry & Chocolate-Coated Chocolate PIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

This pie is as ridiculously easy to make as my Giant Peanut Butter Cup Pie. Honestly, the recipe's almost exactly the same, except that the peanut butter is replaced with unsweetened chocolate. XD

From the Nugboy's reaction though, this pie is almost orgasmically good if you're a chocoholic. I'm not, but the Nugboy is. Lol. The sounds he was making! XD

To a non-chocoholic, this pie is like a velvety cross between a dark chocolate mousse and a ganache. It's denser than the former, and much fluffier than the latter. In terms of chocolatiness, it falls somewhere in the middle. It's the kind of pie that goes, 'HAI! I R CHOCOLATE! CHOCOCOCOOCCOHOLATE CHOCOLATE WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!' And then raspberry tugs on it and goes, 'Calm down you. Hai. I r Raspberry!'

Also needs pre-made chocolate pie-crust (or bake your own if you can bake lol), and some raspberry jam to spread on top of the chocolate coating. Fresh raspberries beaten to a juicy pulp would probably be nicer, but alas, there were no raspberries available to assault when I made this pie.

Chocolate coating is made from Nugget's Haxx Chocolate Sauce for Dummies.

Super Easy No-Bake Raspberry & Chocolate-Coated Chocolate Pie 
4 portions of sweetened condensed milk (1 can = 4 portions)
4 portions of cream (whipped to stiff peaks)
2 portions of unsweetened chocolate (melted.You can add more or less depending on how much chocolatey you like.)
1 portion of lemon juice (freshly squeezed)

  1. Melt chocolate in rice cooker (if you dunno what this means, see the chocolate sauce)
  2. Combine melted chocolate with condensed milk until all is one smooth happy colour
  3. Add lemon juice to chocolate + condensed milk mixture, combine once again until happy
  4. Whip da stoopid cream into stiff peaks
  5. Fold whipped cream into chocolate pie of doom mixture until just incorporated
  6. Pour the whole lot into pie-crust
  7. Stick in fridge, ignore for 12-24 hours
  8. Spread chocolate sauce satisfyingly over top of pie
  9. Stick in fridge another 3-6 hours
  10. Slather raspberry jam on top of now-hardened chocolate coating
  11. Cut big slice and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Omitting the whipped cream will get you something almost identical to a ganache. So if you want to make a pie out of that instead (that can travel decently without going splooooog), you can. However, it'll be much MUCH denser and more intensely chocolatey, and not at all fluffy like a fluffy thing being fluffy in the night.