Bacon-wrapped steak bites and caramelised maple syrup pancakes. Also, sperm jellies. It's not what it sounds like!

This weekend's bacon science!

Bacon-Wrapped Teriyaki Steak Chunks
Steak cut up in decent-sized chunks (mini sausage sized really...) and marinaded in teriyaki marinade + chinese cooking wine overnight. Then wrapped in bacon and pan-fried!

This turned out really good, though due to nuggetboy being paranoid about crisping the bacon, the cow was more done than I liked.  Of course, I like my cows practically still moving so... XD Nuggetboy likes his well-done though, so good on that front.

Next try with this shall be chicken! At least the done-ness will be agreeable to us both.

Caramelised Maple Syrup Pancakes Fried in Bacon Fat!
These were great, but they didn't really need the bacon fat. Yes, inoes! How can it be!

Well it turns out that all the maple syrup the pancakes absorbed while soaking in syrup overnight gushed out when we plopped them in the pan. This had the unforeseen result of caramelising the maple syrup all over the outside of the pancakes, along with infusing them with mapley goodness. The downside is, the caramelising maple syrup basically forced all the baconny fatty goodness away from the pancackles, so we couldn't really taste any bacon at all.

Verdict: Great, but might as well be fried with butter.

Creampuffs Fried in Bacon Fat
Pleasant, but better as the frozen creampuffs they were. Turned out like little poofballs of crispy milk.

Sperm Jellies...
Erm... well - we found these in a dessert at a chinese restaurant and just had to bring them home. >.> They're jellies. That look like spermies. That is all.