To the searcher who asked: "how much money equal how much eyrda leaf"

400 Eyrda Leaves (charged from PWE) = US$10.00
1 Eyrda Leaf = US$0.025
20 Eyrda Leaves (Mercury Statuette) = US$0.50

1 Mercury Statuette = 20 Eyrda Leaves
1 Mercury Statuette (if you do Midas Touch, on average) = 5g
1 Mercury Statuette = US$0.50
1g = US$0.10
1g = 4 Eyrda Leaves
1g = 100s
1 Eyrda Leaf = 25s (don't pay more than that)

Note that this only works if PWE's grand currency and economy control experiment with Forsaken World works, and continues to work. It has all appearances of doing so right now, but we'll see in a couple of months.