Okay, I know I said no more GW2 posts but... It's a Gamasutra article! C'mon!

The pre-order numbers for GW2, then, should tell us that trust itself is a commodity for which players will flock to pay.

Ok, enough about that, let’s talk about the actual game.

The point of all this long-windedness was two-fold: an attempt to understand why Guild Wars 2 is successful, but also to point out that once you strip away the value added by being genuinely player friendly, GW2 is—especially when compared to the achievements in design GW1 realized—honestly an underwhelming game, though not an unenjoyable experience by any means. That is to say, perhaps our evaluation of the game is skewed because it treats us like real people, not cash cows.

In many ways, it actually feels like a step backwards compared to its predecessor. Gone are the sophistication of GW1’s 8 skill/dual class system (where one skill change could impact every other skill on your bar, and in fact make entirely novel builds possible), the level 20 cap, and the secondary relevance of items and loot.

"The pre-order numbers for GW2, then, should tell us that trust itself is a commodity for which players will flock to pay."

Yup yup yup (and yup to a lot of other things too..).

But the problem with trust in a consumer relationship is, it's a fucking dangerous commodity. And if you have customers buying on trust you had bloody well better not betray that trust.

Trust in consumer relationships = of course I'll buy it!

But the flip side of that is, betray that trust and not only will the customer never buy from you again, they will go out of their way to warn others about you.

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Hey! I was directed to your site and I think we were in the same guild at one point (WOA). You are perfectly summarizing my experiences with gw2. In fact, I've already given up on gw2 and gone back to gw1. GW2 is boring boring boring. I'm still scratching my head as to why this game is successful. What ever happened to making a game that didn't require a grind? The entire game is one giant grind- whether it be working on a heart "quest" or spending hours trying to build armor or develop any other crafting skill. It's just dreadful.
Can't recall if I was in WOA or not lol. I was in something called Wrong Chat Champs (forget the shortform), and then KSA after that. (In GW2, in GW there were a couple, but Lich and KSA were the main two.)

The game is successful I guess because it's Rift 2.0 without a subscription.

Rift is one of those that breaks my heart too... but in a good kind of sad way. Trion loves their game and community so much, it's so, so obvious. And yet the combat and art are just bad. :(

(I recently resubbed to Rift for a month, just after they did their HUGE update, and while it has improved things, it hasn't improved things enough. 2 weeks of it was all I could take - my subs hasn't even run out, and I've not been able to continue. XD)

So... GW2 is basically Rift with far worse handling of dynamic events, but much better combat and art.

.... and there is a market for that.

It's just not the same market as for the tinkerers and builders, that's all. =/

I'm also horribly curious! Directed here? >.> From where?

My less-than-ecstatic posts on GW2 have netted me the first hostile blog comment I've ever received, lol. XD

Anyways, regardless of how you got here, hello! =)

Oh! I was "directed" here by our guild leader, Star (Star Guards Squad). Our guild is Whispers of Arah (WOA). You might have been in the guild shortly before I joined up. Both he and I are having difficultly adjusting to GW2. He's determined to keep playing to get his money's worth out of it. I'm just cutting my losses and going back to gw1 to get as much enjoyment out of it before they inevitably shut down the servers.

Both he and I are older (I'm mid 30s, he's early 40s) and we started convincing ourselves that gw2 is marketed for the cell phone generation. Both he and I couldn't figure out the interface and the god-awful chat system whereas our younger guildlings were quick to adjust. GW2 has made us grumpy old men.

Sigh. I just finished prophesies with a new character yesterday. Even after 7 and a half years, my experience playing gw1 was more satisfying than at any point so far playing gw2. Sad.

Oookay, I was gonna reply then the reply grew ENOOOOOOOOOOOOORMOUS so I shall just make another post. XD

We weren't in the same guild - but I do know Star. =) Haven't seen Star in GW in quite a while. Though to be fair, I've also been having affairs with other games, including Forsaken World.