Rift: Now that takes talent.

I have no idea how Rift manages to make a scantily-clad female warrior in 'plate' armour complete with panties showing, and using a good graphics engine, look so incredibly unsexy, but by God do they manage.

And here's my warrior from Guild Wars. She's not wearing the Kurzick panties but sheesh look at the difference.

Of course, in Guild Wars 2, none of the armour looks even half as good as any of the armour in Guild Wars. In fact, most of it is rather ugly. Unless you want to be a salad person. 2 level 80s, 3 level 70+s. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

In Guild Wars you grind / farm for the skins you want but all skins are nice, and mix+match of cheap skins with expensive ones can get you great looks. In Guild Wars 2...

...let me not talk about Guild Wars 2. ._.

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I am impressed by that short plate skirt.... belt? What skirt.. And we know PWE's version would be shorter but still manage to look sexy and realistic in a "everyone walks around dressed like tarts" way haha
Ohhh maybe she's just wearing it too high... x.x
Looool. Nah I figured it out, but was lazy and didn't post my deductions here.

The reason Rift armour looks fugly OTHER than the fact that the art direction is just terrible is that Rift women are actually more realistic than in other MMOs.

They have normal type waist to hip ratios, and their hips are hippy! Look at my GW warrior, she has 'comic book hero' (or silly supermodel) narrow hips and an even tinier waist, whereas the Rift lady (other than how her face looks like a drag queen's face, eek, trust me) is pretty normal. Which of course leads to the problem of... normal body + ridiculous clothing = ridiculouslolz.

And yar, PWE makes a bundle from everyone-walks-around-dressed-like-tarts, so naturally they have tasty tart art. XD