Midjourney is amazeballs. Prompt was "crow girl, trending on artstation".

Midjourney + light retouching

Midjourney isn't great at noses, so that was where the retouching was needed. Very simple job of masking the original nose with the retouched nose.

Midjourney original

Retouched version

Derived from running the original through an image restoration generated adversarial network - Real-ESRGAN Inference Demo. (This is actually GFPGAN - for some reason the Colab page seems to be titled differently. GFPGAN is for face restoration.)

 ^If you want to use this, you need to log into your Google account, and make a copy of it. Not 100% sure you have to make a copy, but you do need to be logged into your Google account.

Print quality is just another AI away

Cupscale to the rescue! Haven't added the output here, for obvious reasons. But after running the retouched version through Cupscale, I ended up with a 60MB PNG file that's super sharp even at 100%. No artifacts.