Guild Wars 2 Forum - From a longtime Guild Wars 1 player on why Guild Wars 2 is, so far, a huge failure.

First of all, I played Guild Wars for over 2000 hours on multiple accounts. Initially, I wasn’t too impressed (I started playing in 2006) but over the years—-and expansions—-it got better, more addictive and, ultimately, more rewarding.

Guild Wars 2 is amazingly beautiful. Jeremy Soule has done a masterful job, as usual. But after playing Guild Wars 2 for over 220 hours, to say I’m disappointed would be a gross understatement. This isn’t even a ‘There is no endgame’ gripe’. I’ve been reading lots of posts by people who purportedly enjoyed getting to level 80, only to be bored and disappointed with a lack of endgame, but I was bored really from the start.

I have a huge amount of problems with this game, but ultimately, because of everybody’s time, I’m only going to address the big three. Again, I’ll preface by saying I played the original Guild Wars for 2000 hours, I’ve never touched WoW (lest I be called a Blizzard fanboy) and I come to this game after years of waiting and anticipation. I’ve tried my absolute best over the past 200 hours to love this game. I spent three grand on a system that would be able to max it out. And so far, I’ve been bored out of my mind.

This guy pretty much nails everything I feel about Guild Wars 2, only with less bitter rage than in my video. XD

GW2 has caused me to lose all faith and trust in ArenaNet. Yarrr! Melodramatic a nugget. But true. ArenaNet broke what LegendMUD left of my little gaming heart with GW2.

GW2 is obviously not for the tinkerers, the builders, the testers, the THINKERS. It's for a totally different target market, and ArenaNet never even had the decency to tell us that.

I don't even know why they retained the original IP, and all I can guess is that they'd dumped too much on art and assets to build a different, new IP instead. There is nothing left of the beautiful core combat architecture that was and is the soul of Guild Wars (1). Nothing.

At least Perfect World Entertainment is an honest whore.