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sad panda!
i totally love this . Its all true.
'Hollywood reboot'? Whoops... sounded really bad. Sorry to hear it =/ Considering it's at a stress test stage, how likely is it any of this will change at full release? Especially the server dickery?
I think/hope the overflow server feature will be fixed or tweaked. The rest of it, though, looks like it's working as intended.

This is a fundamental philosophical change. It's not something they'll fix, I think, because this is where they want to go now.

And I didn't even talk about how it's now 80 levels, and you pay for armor repairs on death (at one point, Anet said there would be no death penalty, that dying was penalty enough, ahahahahaha)...

Oh! And lottery boxes! For God's sake, at least when PWE sells you lottery boxes, they make it convenient for you...

And... and...


I'll just play it a bit on release and tell myself that at least it doesn't have a sub.

Er, you can guest on other servers for free to play PvE at will like you transfer districts in GW1. You only have to pay to transfer your home server for WvW. I for one fully intend to hop between servers (for free) to play with the two guilds I'm going to be a member of (two! Which I could not do in GW1!).

That said, I'm sorry to hear you're so disappointed in GW2 and I'm not trying to win you over or to convince you to like what you don't like.

Ohay! I did not know that. Well that definitely does help. =) It doesn't fix... all the other things that I hate but it is one less thing to hate. XD
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