Edible fairy garden! (aka rose, pistachio, peach, matcha, silver sugarballs dark chocolate truffle bar thing)

Pristine Fairy Habitat

This edible fairy garden (EAT ALL THE FAIRIES!) >.> uses exactly the same base as the Hazelnut pistachio strawberry osmanthus truffle bar things.

Except that this time round, for pretties and flavourings we haz:
- rose essence
- vanilla essence
- rose petals (from dried rosebuds for rose tea - some steamed to rehydrate them, some straight off the dry buds)
- freeze-dried peach slice, chopped
- silver sugar ball things (I think they're called 'dragees'. Or maybe 'fairies'. ~_o )
- cheap matcha (nothing you'd want to make koicha, or even usucha with - good enough to cook is good enough)

Am very pleased a nugget at how the blend of flavours turned out. If you like Turkish delight chocolates, this is just the thing, with the peaches adding interesting 'high' notes, and the pistachios adding nice texture. :X The matcha just adds fairy moss.

Blurry Chunks of Sundered Fairy Habitat

Alas, all my pics of the sliced squares turned out blurry. T_T That's what I get for taking pics after sundown!

(If you're in Melbourne, don't bother with T2 matcha. It's bad. You're better off going to any random asian grocery and buying a 50g tin of matcha for $5~. Just make sure it's from Japan, and not a mainland chinese imitation. You'll be getting the same amount of quality, or lack thereof, for a tenth of the T2 price.)
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Dang, you definitely gotten better compare to few years back from the FW days :P
Haha. Dragon, is that chu?!? I would still be running FW as my screensaver, but when I tested Arc on my older machines and it made them run like geriatric dogs. D: So no Arc, and no more PWE for a nugget. Alas!
No no no, doubt he'll ever do that xD and that's unfortunate. No more afk farm.. Hint: rice cooker
I dunno who this is nao. T_T Nuggets have no brains you know. And snails are slow. Unless the first wun was Dragon and the second wun was not and it was the maid in the library wif the candlestick!
Or mebbe it were Nayru! *wail*
Or Weeenter?!?? ._. I'm just gonna start listing my tiny reading pool now.
Is that better :P
Nu. T_T
Noooo chu forget about me :c It's AcediaPanda :c
Eeee CHEF! *hugchef*
*hugs back* How've you been Nugget ^^
Sorry I take so long to reply, I've been distracted by new restaurant that I'm helping opening up and getting distracted by it
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