Australian Certified NGU Beef, and the Human (or Nuggetty) Need for Order

As I was vegetating on the train yesterday, my nuggetty eyes (not that nuggets have eyes, you understand), wandered over to a scrumptulescent Burger King poster for some new burger or the other, touting the juicy (but inferior to nuggetty!) goodness of its beef patties.

Made from, so I read from the little seal of approval, 'Certified Australian NGU Beef'.

What on earth, I thought to myself, is NGU Beef?

After a few moments of intense ponderation, I came up with the following, 'Naturally Grainfed Ungulate'. However, this, while certainly plausible and accurate, had a bit of a marketing problem in terms of seals of approval. After all, how many people would even know that cows are ungulates?

That's when I noticed the 'A' at the start and the 'S' at the end.


'Certified Australian ANGUS Beef'.

Well, that kinda explained things.

It does say a lot about the human need for order, and the tendency to impose patterns/see patterns where there are none, though. XD