The iPad just replaced my desktop for screen-resolution raster work. [Weekly Nuggetsketch]

Sketch sorta turned into Dream from Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

And thanks to Brushes nifty replay feature... we can has movie! Done with my nifty new DIY stylus!

It must be said that the replay thingie makes me look leeter than I am, since it doesn't record undos, and I did a couple of those when doing the star in his eye. However, the medium is so responsive that I'm not undoing much at all, just overlaying more paint, etc.


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That really is a most splendid sketch. It's always enlightening to watch an artist at work, and fun to see the steps they take to craft a piece of art in real-time.
Yus, its like an artistic wank I can playback! XD Having watched others playbacks, I'm not really sure I learn all that much from them - sure, I saw what they did, but I don't know WHY they did it.

Nonetheless, even in the absence of edifying educational properties, like all wanks, it is satisfying. *cackles*