Super Easy Brandy Butter Ice-Cream with Pomegranate Seeds. Woot!

Yes! I haz attained it! Proper ice-creamicity without an ice-cream maker! >.> Actually without much of anything.

How to make lusciously creamy icecreamies!

  1. Get milk!
  2. Whisk in an equal volume of cream!
  3. Add whatever flavourings you like (to taste). In this case I put in about 100g of brandy butter from the jar.
  4. Pour mixture in soup dish/casserole dish. (Just needs to be flat and shallow.)
  5. Pop in freezer.
  6. Whisk every 30 minutes to break up the pesky crystals that show up as the stuff freezes.
  7. Once the stuff is the consistency of thick cream, drop in the pomegranate seeds (or chocolate chips or whatever).
  8. Whisk a few more times, until you can't drag the whisk through the mixture anymore. (It usually takes me about 6-8 rounds of whisking, so that's about 3-4 hours.
  9. Ignore till next day.
  10. Ta-da! You haz icecream!

To achieve optimal ice-cream fluffiness, let sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Build up a nice little ball with an ice-cream scoop by scraping a little bit of the softened icecream at a time.

I don't like my icecream very sweet, so the sugar in the brandy butter was more than enough for me. If you do like it sweet, then just add sugar syrup to taste. You can probably use condensed milk, though I'm not sure what happens if you try whisking sugar directly into the mix.