Sneaky White Chocolate Cranberry Pancackles

For some reason, no one on the interwebs seems to make white chocolate pancackles that are entirely white-choccy suffused (or is that infused hrm). There are lots of recipes for making blondies, and even a few for white chocolate pancackles, but in both cases, the white chocolate is always chopped up, then folded in, not melted throughout the whole lot.

>.> And so here we have, in another late night nugget crafting spree...

Sneaky White Chocolate Cranberry Pancackles

Why are they sneaky? They're sneaky because you can't (or I can't anyway) tell that these pancackles contain a ridiculous amount of white chocolate.

They are wonderfully rich, crisp and fluffy on the outside, and shading to soft, almost mochi-like moistness on the inside.

The melted white chocolate comes through in two surprisingly different ways. Flavour-wise, it delicately scents the whole pancackle with a mixture of vanilla and white chocolate; mouth-feel-wise, it makes the pancackle seem incredibly buttery, with a luxurious sweetness that intensifies with every bite, without getting cloying. O.O Add in the chewy sweet tartness of the dried cranberries and, OoOoOoh... um. Let's just say I gobbled one while I was waiting for the others to cook, and I don't normally do that. XD

And since the Interwebs doesn't easily turn up any recipe for these evil things, if you wanna try them yourself, here's what goes in 'em.

220g Dream white chocolate bar
5 sachets of white sugar
2 heaped dollops of ghee
2 eggs
Milk (yes, sorry, sorry, vague, you'll see)
1 tablespoon baking powder
Flour (woot vague again!)
Dried cranberries

  1. Dump sugar, chocolate, and the 2 heaped tablespoons of ghee into a bowl
  2. Plop bowl into rice cooker, set to bake (or just press down the button for single button rice cookers
  3. Ignore for 15-30 minutes (15 will do it, 30 is fine if you're... gaming...)
  4. Remove bowl from cooker
  5. Whisk the melty mess until smooth
  6. Add 2 eggs, whisk until smooth again
  7. Add and whisk milk until everything is a melty milkshake consistency (vs a freezy milkshake)
  8. In go the 1 tbs of baking powder and as many dried cranberries as you like, more whisking!
  9. Add and whisk flour until the mixture is so thick and gloopy you can barely move your whisk. It should look like the first piccy in the series up dere. You need it really really thick, because otherwise once it goes in the pan, it runs and melts everywhere and is generally sad.
  10. Grease pan (more ghee, wheeee!) and cook on very low heat (pic 2). If you have a cast iron pan, you probably want to cook on very high heat instead. >.> I dunno this, I've never owned a cast iron pan, so this is just what I've been told.
  11. When the pancackle goo looks mostly done at the edges but is still gooey in the centre (pic 3), flip it! Flip it naaaaaaoooo! It should take about 6-8 minutes to get from goo to this state. Yes, that's an awfully long time, but since we're essentially baking in a pan...
  12. Wait about 2 minutes before boffing the pancackle around and checking the bottom. To be honest, I have no idea how I know when the bottom side is done, I just do. But each pancackle took me roughly 10 minutes to cook, so 2 minutes should be just about right.
  13. Plop pancackle on plate, then try not to burn fingers and tongue while gobbling.

Makes roughly 8 sneaky white chocolate cranberry pancackles. Of doom.