Norn Pants Don't Dye Pale Pink :(

So, after bounding off to get Norn pants to finish off my Beast Mastery armour (in Dire Was Barbie), I find that there's no way to dye Norn pants the same pink!

This, of course, means that I needed to get her a Marksmanship set too. -_-

Kurzick top + boots
Canthan gloves
@(*#@#& Norn-pants-that-don't-dye-pale-pink


Dire Was Barbie! With Extra Pinksauce

One of the things I love about Guild Wars is that all their armour sets are given lots of love. It doesn't matter whether the armour is 'Elite' (read: expensive) or not - the models are equally gorgeous.This means you can look good right out-of-the-box as a newbie. *prances*

My new ranger with her pink armour mix of happiness! (Drakescale with Sunspear legs.)

Now, if only the Hall of Monuments let you a) store elite armour, and b) display mixed sets, this nugget would be a Fulfilled Nugget.