Pan-fried miso-marinated steak with onions, salted fermented soybeans, and strawberries


Zomg this is absolutely lovely. Particularly because I have trouble getting steaks as rare as I like in most restaurants. They look at me and insist on hearing 'well-done' when I say, 'rare', which results in my having to start repeating, 'BLOOD, I want BLOOD.' The blood trick gets me rare steaks, but also very strange looks.

But nao, nao I can cook my OWN! Mooohahahaha.

Steaky Goodness Requires
Miso - enough to liberally coat and massage into your steak bits
Cooking wine - I use Chinese plum wine
Onions - enough to cover 2/3 of your pan after slicing
Salted fermented soybeans - roughly 1/6th of the amount of onions you use
Steak! Any sort, after the 24-hour miso marination it'll be juicy and tender
Strawberries - enough to arrange prettily around the plate
Ghee - dollops for frying

Side Dish
Sweet corncob - 1 per person
Ghee -  to taste
Salt - to taste

Marinade da Steak

  1. Slice steak into 1.5 inch thick bits
  2. Massage with miso till steak is coated and happy
  3. Plop in a soup dish
  4. Pour plum wine over the lot till the bottom of the dish is covered
  5. Cover dish with aluminium foil, toss in fridge
  6. Ignore for 24 hours

Make da Steak

  1. Dollop ghee into frying pan, use more than you think you'll need
  2. Wait till ghee does a kinda nice streaky thing when you tilt the pan
  3. Scrape miso off steak bits with spatula (if you have paper towels you can blot with those, I am too primitive a cook to have them)
  4. Plop in pan, steak bits should sizzle nicely but not attempt to kill you via oil splattering
  5. If steak attempts to murder you with oil splatters, turn heat down until it stops doing that XD
  6. Cook to the doneness you like
  7. Put on plate to let it rest

Make da Tasty Soybean Onions

  1. Mix sliced onions and soybeans into your leftover miso and plum wine marinade
  2. Pour the whole lot into the pan of tasty leftover cow-juice and ghee
  3. Cook until onions are nicely caramelised with just a hint of bite

Make da Silly Corn

  1. Violently yank corn leaves and silk off corn, cackling all the while
  2. Pour a mug of water into rice cooker
  3. Put (empty) bowl in rice cooker
  4. Balance corn on empty bowl
  5. Close, hit cook, ignore till it beeps


Serve da Tasties

  1. Move steak bits to new plate, so their juicies don't bleed all over and offend your eyes - and so kittehs can lick the resting plate
  2. Cover with tasty soybean onions
  3. Slice strawberries and arrange around steak bits
  4. Steal corn from rice cooker
  5. Dollop ghee on corn
  6. Sprinkle salt on corn


Particularly try eating strawberries with steak AND onion and soybeans all in one mouthful. O.O It is surprisingly wonderful - the strawberries sit on top of everything like a sweet fruity melody, and the rest is just amazingly umami.