And I Thought Spending US$4,000 on a Virtual Pet Was Bad...

I Jaden (that 1 gold piece in the image) is 1 USD. Yup.

500USD mounts.

And that 999USD item? It's one-use. For ONE piece of gear. Ayup!

...worship PWE's rapacity!

The best part being - the lotteries (0.50USD each) associated with each of the 500USD mounts.

The legendary Fire Phoenix, once only found in the depths of the Bonus Shop, can now be yours through the use of the Phoenix Fruit pack!

So no matter what players do (short of not buying at all), PWE rakes in the cash. Absolutely brilliant.

Allods? *point* *laff* NOOBZ!

This is how it's done. *shudder*

P.S. Perfect World Entertainment's 2010 First Quarter results here. They've really got something going.