Molotov Rocktail Squish!

I figured out a failsafe way to squish the giant bug in Dalada Uplands! No more will he make pancakes of my animated love dolls and me!

It's very simple, any group can do it, and it doesn't require a team build.

How to Squish the Bug
Just do two things, and no one should die, not even in Hard Mode.

1) Attack from the WEST. This is very important, because if you attack from the east, the Rockshot Devourer popups will mess up the pull.

2) The moment you see Molotov (without any pesky Charr standing around him), have your entire party run straight towards him. If using H/H, flag them all on top of him. Molotov will waddle forward a bit, so be sure to stop (unflag) your H/H if they run past him. The idea is to have everyone 'hug the bug'. 


...that's all there is to it, really. 

Why does it work?
Molotov can't siege stuff in melee range. ;) And siege takes a while to cast. As long as you clump around him fast, he'll either a) never get a siege off, or b) the siege won't hit your people, since they'll be running like sausages towards the bug. And in melee, he's pretty harmless.