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For those of us inclined to do so, the healer is a great role. Yes, it has problems in PUGs when three different people pull then blame the healer, but it is rewarding to see your friends made into boundless engines of destruction and victory.

Great summary of why healerfolk heal. And no, it's not just because 'it's easier for you to get groups, NUB!'

Considering that I did 80% of my Guild Wars Legendary Vanquisher, Guardian and Protector titles with my lovedolls, and *not* with humans, ease of getting a group has nothing to do with it.


...which is why while, as those who don't like playing a pure support class rejoice at the lack of such in GW2, my little nugget healerheart quietly crumbles a little bit more.

Yes, I can play other archetypes. Yes, I do enjoy them. But I'm not in love with them. :(