Livebrush: Handlettering made easy

I love calligraphic cards, posters, and logos. My handwriting's pretty bad though, so I've always ended up looking enviously at the work of those designers who can do such things, and wishing that my feeble attempts would turn out as well.

Enter Livebrush, the cheat's way of creating beautiful, hand-drawn, flowing calligraphic text.

While I don't think Livebrush was actually made for this purpose, it is *amazing* at it.

Me of the horrible scribbly writing came up with these bits of 'calligraphy' just by using a Wacom tablet, and the settings I've shown above.

Oh, and Livebrush is available both as a free, and as a commercial (but cheap!) version.

If you've ever drooled enviously over the work of leet calligraphers, go and play with Livebrush. Do eet nao.